Belize – Day 2

Our first morning in Belize started with a delicious latte from our resort’s restaurant, The Bonefish Grille.

photo (64)

After we were done sipping our morning beverage of choice (a latte for me and Tommy, a black iced coffee) right in front of the ocean, we decided to head into Placencia Village to look around.

photo (65)

As we were getting into our car, a laundry service and fruit truck (?!) was in front of our resort and a cute little girl allowed me to take her photo.

photo (67)

After wandering around the village for a bit, it was decidedly lunch time. We decided to try Dawn’s Grill N Go because her menu featured some traditional Belizean dishes – fried chicken and rice, which we both ordered! (Another interesting Belizean dish I never would have thought, potato salad, which we didn’t have at Dawn’s).

photo (68)

We also each ordered a freshly squeezed fruit juice. I ordered a lime juice and Tommy got watermelon juice. They were both delicious!!!

photo (66)

As with most of the restaurants in the village, Dawn’s was very simple and modest.

photo (69)

photo (70)

After lunch we decided to head back to Singing Sands Inn to get in some relaxing time, AKA pool and beach time!

Here are some photos of our resort’s beautiful property:

photo (71)photo (72)photo (73)photo (74)

After several hours of pool, beach, and pier time (where I am almost certain I got most of my tan and all of my sand flea bites from…) we headed back to Placencia Village for dinner. I already had a restaurant in mind, Rumfish and Vino! I will admit I initially liked the restaurant for it’s fun name and the outside looked nice, however the food proved to be quite good as well. Tommy and I both agreed we would come back here to eat another meal.

To start, I decided to give the Belizean beer, Belkin, a try. To my surprise I liked it! (I am not a big beer drinker at all).

photo (75)

For a starter we decided to order the fried plantains.

photo (76)

For my entrée I chose the lobster tacos.

photo (77)

While Tommy chose the pulled pork tacos.

photo (78)

Both sets of tacos were wonderful!

photo (79)

photo (80)

Day 2 was a success!



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