Belize – Day 3

Tommy and I decided to start the next day with a bike ride into Placencia Village. (As a pre-workout warm-up we shared a breakfast plate at the resort for some fuel sans coffee). We planned to grab our respective caffeinated beverages of choice at a local coffee shop I had read some reviews on and then eventually make our way back to our resort. In total our bike ride ended up being 2 hours. It was wonderful! It was nice to get our bodies moving and blood flowing through our legs.

Note: Our resort was about 10-12 miles away from Placencia Village (town).

photo (85)

I had heard great things about Above Grounds Coffee. It was a modest coffee shop that sort of reminded me of beach houses in Galveston, Texas because of the color choices of the house and because the house rested on posts, above ground. (Get it?!)

photo (83)

photo (82)

photo (84)

My latte was delicious! I decided to go the old iced route since we worked up a sweat pedaling to town.

photo (81)

After we were done at Above Grounds we window-shopped a little and found fun things to take pictures of.

Tommy is a volunteer firefighter so he wanted to take a picture with this old school (but still in use) fire truck. I think it was hysterical the word “fire” was backwards.

photo (86)

It was a coincidence that we ended up staying on Maya Beach for our vacation, but that didn’t stop us (read: me) from marveling at the fact. For you non-Spanish speakers Maya Playa in Spanish is Maya Beach in English.

photo (87)

Once we were back at the resort from our fitness excursion we were starving! We decided to grab a snack at the Bonefish Grille before we jumped into the pool and indulged in more beach, pier and hammock time.

photo (88)

A delicious plate of nachos…

photo (89)

Accompanied by a well-deserved pina colada!

Later, around dinnertime we decided to head back into town (via car this time!) We had stumbled upon a fun, casual looking restaurant The Purple Space Monkey earlier that day. The food portions were huge, but while the food was good, it was nothing to rave about.

I decided to order the pasta marinara with shrimp…and another fun cocktail.

photo (91)

photo (90)

And Tommy decided to order nachos and quesadillas.

photo (92)

photo (93)

As soon as we were done (and completely stuffed) we headed back to the resort where we sat and enjoyed the evening ambiance of Singing Sands, before calling it a night and crashing.



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4 responses to “Belize – Day 3

  1. seefancylove

    Awesome, it looks like a wonderful time. Enjoy! Xo, Fancy

    • Hello! Like you we had never been to Central America so we really wanted to go there. We were deciding between Costa Rica and Belize for awhile and then I found an amazing deal for Singing Sands Inn so that decided it! I would definitely go back to Belize. 🙂

      • seefancylove

        Awesome, we went to Costa Rica in February of this year and had a good time. Definitely want to make it out to Belize sometime too. Happy travels! xo

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