Belize – Day 4

Sunday was our first (and only) rainy day in Belize. We heard it raining in the middle of the night and I suppose it continued all the way through morning. It was Belize’s rainy (wet) season after all.

Tommy and I had a leisurely breakfast at the resort (along with everyone else staying there!) trying to decide how to make the most of our day. Our original plan was to go ziplining in the rain forest! BUT we both were a little unsure of whether or not the company we had been referred to would still be doing runs in the rain.

My view from breakfast.

My view from breakfast.

After about an hour or so of mulling it over we decided to just hop in our car and head in the general direction of the ziplining place, rationalizing that the rain could stop at any point as the rain would stop for a bit and then pick right back up. Perhaps we would get lucky.

And we did! We drove about 45 minutes or so to Bocawina where we were going to zipline. Miraculously it didn’t rain at all from the time we parked, paid, checked in, got a safety lesson, ziplined through the forest for about 1.5 hours, and got in our car to go back towards town. It was only on our drive home that it started drizzling again.

One of our many beautiful views of the mountains we saw on our drive.

One of our many beautiful views of the mountains we saw on our drive.

Tommy and I had two guides, Jesus and Jose, that accompanied us on the six runs we did through the rain forest. I was told that they still did ziplining runs in the rain (and even in the dark!) but once it started lighting, then they halted everything.

Bocawina Adventures and Eco Tours is the name of the company where we decided to zipline. In addition to ziplining, they also organize camping and hiking excursions, waterfall rappelling, and other eco tours. Jesus told me what the word “bocawina” means, but I completely forgot it now…oops! The company is located amidst the 7,000 acres of pristine lowland broadleaf forest in the Maya Mountains in the Mayflower Bocawina National Forest.

ZIPLINING WAS AWESOME. It was a little ironic that I was really pushing to go ziplining as I am scared of heights. I will admit standing on the platform waiting to complete a run was really scary, but once I pushed off and was soaring in the sky above and through trees, the feeling was incredible.

Unfortunately I was strongly advised not to bring my iPAD with us as we hiked and ziplined through the forest as I would have nowhere to put it and if I dropped it somewhere along the way it would be gone baby gone.

I was able to get a picture of Tommy and me with our fabulous tour guides at the very end though!

I was able to get a picture of Tommy and me with our fabulous tour guides at the very end though!

Our ziplining experience with Bocawina was top-notch. Our guides were polite, safe, friendly, knowledgeable and incredibly patient. I felt completely safe in and using all the company’s equipment. The amount of hiking to the different platforms was just right.  The scenery was unbelievable. The price for an individual to zipline was also very reasonable ($66 USD). Other companies we had researched charged at least $110 USD.

If you are ever in Placencia and are thinking about going zipline, go to Bocawina.

After our rain forest adventure we were A) exhausted – all that adrenaline rushing through our bodies! and B) starving. We drove into town and ate at Purple Space Monkey again as it was one of two places that was open that afternoon. (In the rainy/wet season it isn’t uncommon at all for restaurants not to be open until dinner).

I was ready for another Belkin after ziplining!

I was ready for another Belkin after ziplining!

I was also in the mood for some greens in my life.

I was also in the mood for some greens in my life.

After lunch we headed back to the resort to rest a little before dinner.

While lunching at Purple Space Monkey the bartender recommended we go to Cozy Corner for dinner that night. (The restaurant was part of another hotel on the beach). He said the prices were really good, especially for the seafood options.

I really liked the restaurant atmosphere. It was very chill and laid back.

Cozy Corner

Loved the tables!

The food was okay, nothing to get excited about.

I treated myself to a margarita!

I treated myself to a margarita! I will say I have had better elsewhere.

And then promptly settled on the jumbo shrimp for dinner, which was good. I was a little disappointed in the amount of shrimp I got and I wouldn’t exactly call them jumbo-sized. The potato salad on the other hand was great!

Get in my belly!

Get in my belly!

The restaurant was right by the water, so we felt the breeze as we ate our meal. We were in heaven.

It was a perfect day and night!

Cozy corner 2



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