Hill Country at the National Building Museum

This summer the incredibly popular Hill Country Barbecue restaurant decided to bring its pop-up BBQ market to the lawn at the National Building Museum.

HC 3

The “backyard chill” setup is just that. There is a tent where selected food from the restaurant is sold, along with beers (Shiner Bock!) and cocktails, there is a stage where live music is preformed regularly, several picnic tables to eat and converse around, and a few haystacks are even scattered around the fenced-off area. BONUS: dogs are allowed!

HC 4

HC 6

HC 5

I had been meaning to come and try this out one night after work, but there was never time. Luckily my friend Jessica and I were way overdue for a visit and she (genius that she is) suggested we go here for dinner last night. So we did. We had a GREAT time! The last date for this backyard BBQ is Saturday, September 14.

The one, tiny bummer of the night – they didn’t serve Blue Bell ice cream here, (which they do at the regular restaurant).  😦

Here is my delicious, delicious meal accompanied by my all-time favorite SWEET TEA!!! I ordered the beef brisket sandwich with a side of cornbread.


Two happy gals leaving the BBQ and quite possibly heading to Ann Taylor Loft to do some light Thursday evening shopping. 🙂

I would really like to come back one more time before this ends, with Tommy and Violet in tow.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!


Do you like BBQ? If so which kind – Texas, North Carolinian, et?


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