Electric 5k Recap

The Electric 5k has come and gone!

My friend Julie and I rocked this race. 🙂 She  picked me up from work on Friday evening and we made our way over to the National Harbor where the race was taking place. We wanted to allow an ample amount of time to get to the race as nightmares of the Hot Chocolate 5k from two years ago haunted us. (The race was very poorly planned and organized to say the least. Traffic was so terrible the race had to be postponed for about 1.5 hours because the race organizers wanted to let all the cars stuck in traffic be able to start the race. Did I mention this race took place in December when it was 30 degrees out? Once the race finally began it was so log-jammed with runners for a lot of the race you would only walk. I felt horrible for the runners who were using this race as a qualifying run for another race.

photo (1)

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I left my phone in the car during the race so I wasn’t able to snap any actual race photos. 😦 Major fail on my part as you will soon see.

I had a lot of fun running this race, which I found surprising. ONLY because I had run the Run or Dye 5k earlier this summer and had thought the race was only okay. This race was different for many reasons.

1) Julie is a hoot no matter what we do or where we go.

2) The race was organized! We were able to start the race pretty much on time. Getting to the race was easy and seamless.

3) I was very surprised and happy to find that runners were able to hear music throughout the race route. Speakers were widely dispersed and set up along the route so it was awesome to be able to have the music pumping us along. (Julie and I both decided to nix our iPODS so we could talk to each other as we ran and because  we were only running about 3 miles).

4) The race route was very cool-y decorated. Lots of neon lights, paper lanterns, and funky shapes. I admired it all as I ran. And shockingly a water station! (Shocking because I wasn’t expecting a water station in the middle of the race since the Run or Dye run didn’t have one).

5) Julie and I were among the top race finishers! GRANTED we started pretty close to the front of the pack at the beginning and most of the runners were either families doing the run together or people who cared more about dancing and drinking before the race, but still. Too bad we both forgot to wear our stop watches. I am still curious what our time was.


Of course anything can have improvements:

1) A majority of the race was run on sand or dirt and along the water. Strangely it was these areas where there was absolutely NO light (other parts of the course were lit incredibly well). Julie and I definitely concentrated hard on not spraining or twisting our ankles during these times.

2) As cool as the race was, the price tag was still hefty (about $50). While the race decorations and music throughout was cool, I am still curious to know where all that money went (well I know…), especially since we didn’t get that much race swag. Oh well.

3) It should be noted again that this is a fun run, i.e. not a serious run (though Julie and I pretended we were racing for gold). It isn’t timed and a variety of people sign up for races like this mainly to have a good time and not run…

If you haven’t experienced the Electric Run, I suggest you try it!


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