Picnic at Columbia Island Marina

My fellow SMU (Southern Methodist University’s) D.C. Alumni Leadership members and I hosted an alumni picnic this past Sunday at Columbia Island Marina. The Marina is nestled in the Lyndon B. Johnson Memorial Grove on the Pentagon lagoon. Not only is it a beautiful place to dock one’s boat and/or enter the Potomac River for fishing or cruising by the monuments, there is also an amazing picnic area for small and large parties (tented and not tented). As well as an area to play volleyball and football.

We could not have asked for better weather for our picnic. The sun was shining and the temperature was in the comfortable high 70s.

Along with the venue, the leadership team provided hamburgers, hot dogs, all of the condiments, and non-alcoholic beverages. We asked attendees to bring either a side or dessert dish that could feed 5-10 people, and there was a cash bar available inside. WE HAD SO MUCH FOOD!

I, along with all of the people I talked to, loved this venue for our picnic. We hope to come back next year for our picnic. The grounds were beautiful and scenic and spacious, the catering and operations departments were very easy and pleasant to work with. I would definitely recommend this place for outdoor events. (And in the event the weather isn’t sunny there is a nice, big tent setup where the food is served, along with plenty of tables and chairs).

photo (1) photo

You can read about past events the SMU D.C. Alumni Leadership team has put on here and here.


Are you active with your college alumni group?


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