On Wednesday Morning, Yeah Yeah

First of all, anyone recognize the lyric for part of the song I modified for today’s post title?

Early this morning I finished my last training run before the Clarendon 10k race this Saturday. As you may remember I am a huge fan of morning runs. I felt pretty sluggish on the actual run, but my Garmin showed that my running time and pace was pretty on par with all of my other training. With the exception of going to a Vinyasa class on Friday evening I plan on resting for the next two days before the race. I’m excited to run it, but I think I need to take a break from training runs. I am feeling a little burned out.

I snapped this picture from my balcony of the sun rising after I got home from my run around Capitol Hill.

Love the colors!

Love the colors!

I carried on with my normal morning routine while enjoying my daily cup of coffee after my shower. It was chilly outside (but wonderful for my run 🙂 For some reason this morning felt busier than usual and before I knew it I was rushing to the metro with my breakfast in my bag since I didn’t get a chance to eat it at home, which is usually the case.

When I got to the office I dove into my Chobani yogurt I had packed. Tommy was so sweet to offer to go grocery shopping last night (yogurt was among the many things I requested him to get), but when I saw what kind of yogurt he had gotten me I was a little disheartened, a 6-pack of Chobani Strawberry and Banana blended. I DO NOT CARE FOR BANANAS. In fact I hate them, always have. I hate their texture and the way they smell. Soooo I wasn’t feeling overly optimistic that I would like this yogurt. However after tasting a small portion of the yogurt at my desk, I decided it wasn’t terrible and that I could finish this container as well as the other ones in the refrigerator back home over time…however note to self (and Tommy) please don’t get this flavor of yogurt again. 🙂

The answer to my question at the beginning of this post: Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning”.


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