Sunday Apple Picking!

Yesterday a big group of us went apple picking in Germantown, Maryland! As you may remember apple picking was one of the many fall things I have been excited about.

photo 1

We also picked up several pumpkins – a big one for our condo, a small one for Violet (she LOVES pumpkins), and several small pumpkins I planned on giving to my team at work to decorate their desks with.

photo 3

It was a beautiful sunny day out, but a tad too hot for my apple picking liking. It was in the high 80s, definitely not fall weather! Normally we would have brought Ms. Violet on this outdoor adventure as we have in years past, but we knew it would have been just too hot for our pittie princess. One of Tommy’s friend’s brought his dog and you could tell the poor thing was feeling a little overheated at times. As the afternoon wore on it get a little cooler, but not much.

photo 4

We ended up going to Butler’s Orchard where we had gone two years ago. Originally we had been planning on going to Hollins Farm, but fortunately learned on Saturday night that they were all out of apples to be picked as was the place we went to last year, Hartland Orchard! I guess apple picking was the thing to do this fall!

Butler’s Orchard proved to be a success. Everyone had a good time, picked lots of apples and pumpkins, and had some tasty apple cider. Several ladies in our group also took advantage of wild flower picking. It was a bit crowded at the orchard as there was a pumpkin festival happening and several tractor rides occurring throughout the property, but it just added more fun to our Sunday. 🙂

photo 5

This weekend I plan on making a homemade apple pie with the apples Tommy and I picked!


Have you gone apple picking yet this year? If so, where?



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