Date Night – I Heart the OG

This month was Tommy’s month to choose what to do for our date night. I guess he was either really excited about date night or just really wanted to get it over with since he decided he wanted to do this last weekend (the first official weekend of the month, only a week after we did our September ” date night”). I like to think it was the former. 🙂

He decided to do the old, but awesome and honestly much-needed and much-anticipated, dinner and a movie. Anticipated because we hadn’t done this in forever and a day.

While this may be surprising to some of you out there, I love, love, love the Olive Garden. Or as I affectionately call it, the OG. I’m not exactly sure where this came from (I didn’t really eat here growing up) other than the fact that I LOVE their Fettuccine Alfredo and house salad. It is oh, so good and the epitome of comfort food, albeit not the healthiest place to eat. But every now and then, no harm!

photo 1 (1)

So that is where I promptly declared we’d go for dinner after Tommy had suggested going out to eat before seeing a movie. We went and we ate!

We decided to make ourselves feel better by sharing a bowl of the house salad before we plowed into our entrees.

photo 1

Naturally that was Seafood Fettuccine Alfredo for me and Chicken Parmesan for Tommy (not pictured).

photo 2

I amazed myself, and even Tommy I think, by not devouring my entire dish of pasta. I only ate half and took the rest home to eat for lunch the next day. I think I did my stomach a huge favor by doing this…

And since frugal is my middle name (hahaha -some may beg to differ) I was more than happy to lay down this bad boy once the check arrived.

photo 3

After dinner we had a little bit of time to kill so we hit up a Whole Foods so I could buy a bottle of champagne for our friends engagement party the next night. After that we decided to stop by one of our favorite restaurants, Seasons 52, for a couple of lattes before the movie.

photo 3 (1)

Then it was movie time! We decided to see Rush, the race car movie about the rivalry between English playboy James Hunt and his disciplined Austrian opponent, Niki Lauda. It was based on a true story, but even before we knew that we both really liked the movie. It was fast-paced, had a lot of action, and good acting. Finding out that the movie’s two main characters were based off real people was icing on the cake.

photo 2 (1)

Another successful date night for the books!


Any OG fans out there?!


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