D.C. United!

On Saturday night Tommy and I went to our first ever D.C. United soccer game at RFK stadium! (D.C.’s Major League Soccer team). When Tommy used to live in London several years ago he went to several Premiere League soccer games, but this was my first ever soccer game.

It was fun! The weather was cold, rainy, and dreary but what can you do? We decided to make the best of our evening.

photo (36)

We actually ended up with two sets of tickets for the game, the tickets we payed for and my co-workers tickets for covered seating. (Our original seats wouldn’t have been covered). On Friday I had had the foresight to see if there was a way to swap the tickets we bought for another game should the weather continue to be rainy. My co-worker’s boyfriend who works for D.C. United had said while that wasn’t possible, he could possibly swing getting us a set of covered seats just in case, so ta-da! Somehow that night we ended up getting tickets for another section of the soccer stadium (covered and amazing food available for purchase) but we decided to stick with the seats we had been given.

photo 2 (3)

D.C.United played against Philadelphia Union. Things were looking pretty good for the home team as we maintained a 1-0 lead UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE OF THE GAME. So close! What should have been a win, ended in a draw.

photo 3 (3)

One thing that I loved seeing at the game was how spirited soccer fans can be. They got really into the game. For example when we scored our goal, everyone across the stadium from us erupted in cheers and screams and then threw and poured beer up far and wide all across the stands. Good thing we weren’t sitting next to those fans! Though that’s where I think our original seats would have been…

I’m glad we were able to go to a soccer game. Thus far Tommy and I have been to at least one major league baseball, hockey, football and soccer game. The last thing on our D.C. sports list is to attend a Wizards basketball game together! (Tommy has been to a basketball game with his buddies before).

For more information on D.C. United go here.


Have you ever been to a major league soccer game before?


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