Pumpkin Spiced Lattes Make Everything Okay

Hello friends,

Today is definitely a pumpkin spiced latte day (or PSL day if you will). Just one of many fall perks!

Work is kind of crazy right now (in a good way) so I’ve often felt either tired, stressed or a little overwhelmed at certain times this week. Today in particular has been filled with meetings, conference calls, and many writing projects. I managed to escape the office with a fellow colleague for a much needed walk and coffee break.


Hello lover.

It’s really interesting how a walk or a caffeinated beverage can immediately make you change perspective – I feel more relaxed, a bit more rejuvenated, and ready to keep on working!

I started today off with a bang – I made my last ever final payment installment for graduate school! You might remember this was one of my new year resolutions. It feels so good!!!

I’m really hoping I make it to power yoga today after work. I love yoga, but I’m feeling pretty tired…going straight home, making dinner, catching up with a friend, and then watching Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal sounds so much more appealing than adding “going to yoga” to all of that. We’ll see what happens!

Happy Thursday!


When work or life gets crazy in your life, how do you manage to calm or relax yourself?


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