Tuesday Tidbits – 50

1) I just can’t seem to stay away….

Oysters on the half shell!

Oysters on the half shell!

2) I treated myself to a Baked and Wired breakfast before my massage on Sunday. I got a dirty chai and a slice of ham, caramelized onion and goat cheese quiche.  This gift card has lasted so long!

photo 3 (4) photo 1 (5)

3) I got the dreaded flu shot on Monday. I HATE SHOTS, but really felt like I couldn’t/shouldn’t turn down a free flu shot that would be administered at my office….

4) My office is in the midst of planning/preparing for a BIG move across town. Funny the move just happened to be around the same time as my team’s big L.A. and Boston dinners…fun times!

photo (2)

5) Some “must-see” movies on my list right now are Captain Phillips and Gravity.

Happy Tuesday!


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