Tuesday Tidbits – 51

1) First and foremost, I apologize for not writing yesterday. I had every intention to, but the work day just got away from me, particularly because I was in Boston for a big fundraising dinner and several donor meetings. So apologies!

2) On Saturday night I participated in my mom’s condo building seasonal progressives dinner night. I love what her building does. It’s open to all residents in the building. Each person, couple, or unit that signs up is expected to provide small plates and/or appetizers. Or in the case of this time, a round of drinks (one of the people in our group made Manhattans for everyone). Participants are split into small groups (usually 5 or 6 people/unit per group depending on how many people total are doing it) and the idea is to spend 30 minutes or so in each person’s condo noshing and conversing and exploring their condo if they want. Prior to this all participants congregate in the meeting room for drinks and group assignments. After the groups are done visiting everyone’s place all participants meet back up for dessert and dessert drinks. So fun!

photo 2 (7) photo 1 (6)

As you can see, mom went with a Halloween-themed “dinner” at her place. She also whipped up a lot of food! The first picture doesn’t even do all her cooking justice! (Missing from the photo is couscous and a pumpkin peanut stew she made).

3) I loved this fall display outside of a restaurant in Boston, Henrietta’s Table.

photo (37)

4) I finally got my diploma for grad school last week! Woot woot! (As you may remember while I graduated 2 years ago I still had to pay off my second year of tuition in installments).

5) I am being a good, supportive wife by saying “here’s to hoping the Red Sox can win the World Series tomorrow night”!


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