Weekend Recap

Hello friends and happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Mine was good – a nice mixture of fun and productive, but also relaxing which is always nice, particularly because I have a feeling that this coming weekend will be pretty crazy – but more on that later!

On Friday night Tommy and I joined my mom and several of her friends for dinner at Kapnos. As you all know, we love this restaurant. It was just as delicious the second time around as the first. 🙂

I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning ready to get my yoga on. While I always look forward to going to a Saturday morning yoga class and always feel fantastic after completing it, it’s sometimes just a little hard to get out of bed when you hear your alarm ringing come 7am. You think, “maybe I’ll just stay in this warm bed and snooze a little longer”. But then you think, “no, get your butt out of bed – you can always come back and take a nap if need be”! (which if you are me, never happens. There is always something to do). Bottom line, yoga was great and I was so glad I went.

I came home, made some breakfast and did some things around the house before I went out and ran some errands. The main highlight of my errand-running was going to Michaels because I needed to buy a nice big photo album. I was finally getting around to putting our wedding candid photos in an album. Two years and one week later, no biggie.

I worked on our wedding album right until Tommy and I had to leave because we had decided to catch a movie earlier that day. We were finally (wow, I sure am using that word a lot in this post…guess it shows you that we are behind the curve on many things 😉 ) seeing Captain Phillips. We thought the movie was okay. A little drawn out, it definitely could have been a wee shorter. However, I have always loved Tom Hanks. I think he’s such a great actor and I thought this movie further exemplified that. Too bad I started feeling a bit queasy during the movie. I think it might have been the popcorn…

On Sunday Tommy, Violet and I woke up early and headed to our go-to-spot Theodore Roosevelt Island, for some hiking. Our little princess had a great time, as did her parents, so it was a great field trip.

Afterward I came home and made my way to my mom’s as she was hosting brunch for a couple of family friends visiting from the Philippines and me. A couple of hours later I came home completely stuffed and settled onto the couch to watch the Redskins with Tommy and Violet. They won as did the Cowboys!

I finished off the weekend catching up on some reading and watching You’ve Got Mail. I guess I was still on my Tom Hank’s kick!

A great weekend through and through!


Are you a pro-football watcher/fan?


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