Veteran’s Day Weekend – Day 3

I was so proud of Christina and me. On Monday we woke up and did what we needed to do – went for a run! She beat me in the ambitious arena by running 12 miles (she is in the midst of training for a marathon) compared to my 5 miles, but you know. 🙂

Once we had our runs out of the way and had showered we decided to go to La Tasca for lunch, aka Christina’s last meal in D.C. as she was leaving later that afternoon. Christina has had a love affair with La Tasca since her first trip up to D.C. to visit me in 2006. Or more accurately a love affair with their sangria!

I am never one to turn down a trip to La Tasca.

We spent about 2 hours drinking a few glasses of sangria and eating our hearts out. La Tasca runs a weekday lunch special. There is a special menu with various sangria and tapas available for $6 each. Not a huge difference to the normally $7 priced tapas and glasses of sangria, but some savings are to be enjoyed.

She and I each started out with a glass of their seasonal sangria – there were apples and lots of cinnamon flavor in amazing cup of ymminess. I promptly ordered another glass of my tried and true favorite, the Rosada sangria, while Christina ordered her standby of the White sangria.

photo 1

I ordered a plate of the potatas bravas.

photo 2

And an order of the chicken croquettes.

photo 3

Followed by the tomato and goat cheese salad.

photo 4

After lunch Christina and I strolled around Urban Outfitters before heading home to do a last round of back massages and watch a couple more episodes of Sex and the City before I took her to the airport.

Thanks so much for visiting little sister (sorority), had so much fun!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Tommy and I are off to Charlottesville for the weekend. We are taking my mom there for the weekend for her birthday present. More soon on this!


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One response to “Veteran’s Day Weekend – Day 3

  1. Christina

    Thank you for letting me visit!! I had a blast as always….and am miss that sangria!! 🙂 XOXO

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