A Modern Day Sleeping Beauty

Last week I went to the Kennedy Center to see a ballet –  Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty. I liked it. I thought Bourne was very creative with his vision and interpretation for this production. He definitely put a modern twist on it –  a Gothic romance complete with vampires. Yes, vampires.

photo 4

Before the show I enjoyed a light dinner at the KC’s (Kennedy Center) cafeteria on the rooftop. I had never eaten here before or knew it existed. I was impressed with what the cafeteria offered in terms of food (salad bar, several meat options, and sandwiches to name a few) and drinks (soda, water, wine and coffee).

I decided to make a salad…

photo 1

and get a bowl of French Onion soup for my meal.

photo 2

The ballet was about 2.5 hours long, with an intermission. I really enjoyed the orchestra and all the beautiful dancing.

For more information on this ballet, I will direct you to this wonderfully-descriptive review from The Washington Post, who can do this so much more eloquently than me. 🙂 Side note: I had read this article prior to going to the ballet so I knew that the story line veered from the original. A lot of people in my section clearly had not done this as they all had confused and perplexed looks on their faces throughout the ballet. I found it amusing.

photo 3

If you are able to, I would definitely try to catch this production before it leave the KC. One piece of advice, I suggest leaving younger children at home. This production is definitely a lot darker and louder (particularly the music) than the movie. I did hear some kids in the audience gasp and say they were scared.


Any fans of the ballet out there?


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