Thanksgiving Prep

Today began with a nice 30-minute elliptical workout and some nice stretching afterwards. I took my first Pilates class in about 5 years (no joke) on Tuesday and I was still super sore from that workout.

Before I popped into the office for a few hours today, I decided to indulge myself in a Starbucks treat using a reward I had accrued.

Forgive the misspelling of my name.

Forgive the misspelling of my name.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving and Hanukkah eve!

We are doing things a little differently this year. (As you may remember, pretty much ever since Tommy and I started dating we have always alternated Thanksgiving and Christmas with each of our families. One year we will spend Thanksgiving with Tommy’s family in Maine and that same year we’ll spend Christmas with my family, and the next year we’ll do Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with his, etc).

This year we were supposed to be in Maine for Turkey Day, but in September the question of whether it would be possible for us to celebrate Thanksgiving the weekend before actual Thanksgiving was presented to us. (A few of Tommy’s siblings either have to work on Thanksgiving Day or take time off and other siblings are always conflicted about where to spend Thanksgiving – with their family or their significant others). We were fine with that, so long as Ms. V’s baby-sitter would be available this weekend since, due to the shortened weekend, we’d just fly up there instead of driving. (We normally drive up there the Tuesday before and take Violet with us for Thanksgiving).

Alas, Violet’s baby-sitter was not available this weekend so I stayed behind in D.C., while Tommy went to Maine last weekend. (Miss you Comeaus!) While sad to not see my fabulous in-laws, this allows us to be in town for the big day, which I am loving (hello Macy’s Day parade viewing, watching my favorite TV shows Thanksgiving episodes, watching football – go Cowboys -, eating lots of food, and partaking in some Christmas shopping this weekend).

Because we thought we’d be in Maine for the holiday mom decided to fly to Palm Springs to spend Thanksgiving with her parents and siblings. (My dad is in Nigeria again this year and Marshall will be spending the day in Atlanta with some of his friends).  She was a little sad to hear that’d she be missing us for the holiday in D.C., as we have developed some traditions here for Thanksgiving – the Turkey Trot and Black Friday shopping.

HOWEVER – we have amended this partly. We will be eating a traditional Thanksgiving meal tonight with mom before she flies out West tomorrow. That’s right, you heard correctly: Tommy and I will have two days, not just one, to partake in Thanksgiving deliciousness. Not only are we guaranteed to have plenty of leftovers from tonight, we will be spending tomorrow celebrating with some neighbors.



What are your plans for Thanksgiving this year?


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