A Taste of Upper Marlboro, Maryland


Well today was test #1 for my new morning commute via the new house. It did not go so well. It was my GPS’s fault. It had me take an incredibly insane route that led me to a closed exit, which meant I had to go all over D.C. to correct the atrocity it sent me down. I should have gone the way I wanted to go – it would have easily cut my commute in half. I shall try that tomorrow. Trial and error right?


Last night I met my friend Allison for a holiday dinner. Instead of going somewhere in D.C., she suggested meeting midway between my house and her house in Bowie, Maryland. She found a really cute spot in historic downtown Upper Marlboro, Olde Towne Inn. I would describe it as a neighborhood gem with southern/seafood style cooking a.k.a. yummy food. 🙂 The ambiance of the place was chill, taverny.

We had a great time catching up and talking about our upcoming New Year’s Eve trip we are taking with our significant others. (More on that later!)

For dinner, ( I couldn’t help myself) I ordered the  Shrimp Pomodoro.

photo (1)

Fresh large shrimp tossed with garlic, basil, chili flakes and capers in a tomato sauce with linguini pasta.

Allison and I loved how the restaurant had decorate with a winter wonderland theme. It was very festive!

photo (2)


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