Holiday Cheer in D.C.!

Last night I went to a work holiday happy hour at Old Ebbitt Grill. Not only is this one of my favorite restaurants in D.C. because I think they food is good (especially the raw oysters!) and you can’t beat the locale (across the street from the White House), but they do it up for the holidays.

In my opinion, Old Ebbitt is always beautifully and tastefully decorated during this time of the year – lots of red and gold, beautiful garlands, candles. Now of course I didn’t snap any photos of the decor or my delicious glass of Prosecco or the delicious appetizers my co-workers and I ordered (calamari and crab & artichoke dip) so you’ll just have to pop in sometime to see if for yourself!

Here are some other local restaurants and venues around D.C. that I think really get into the holiday spirit and cheer.

1) The Willard Hotel

2) Morton’s Steakhouse (more for nostalgic reasons)

3) The White House

4) Blue Duck Tavern ( a great place to celebrate life’s special moments)

5) The Tabard Inn

6) Ice-skating rink at the Sculpture Garden


Anything I am desperately missing on this list?


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