Vida Barre

While I have taken a handful of barre classes and loved them, I had yet to try a barre class at Vida – until this morning. (Barre  is a ballet-inspired workout that helps a person achieve a slim, strong, sculpted dancer’s body – or something resembling that).


I think a lot of it had to do with the instructor’s music selection – it was all uplifting “poppy” music which I love in general and definitely gets you in the mood to workout. I also thought she was very good at demonstrating various moves in class and offering help to people in class that needed to work on posture (me) or leg and arm placement during the workout.

For a low impact workout, barre definitely gets the heart beating and muscles aching. Hello thighs and arms!

To start we did a few minutes of cardio to get the blood flowing. Then we concentrated on the core and arms (lots of pulsing!) before moving to the bar to do some ballet moves (first and second position, and a lot of plies) and finally went back to the mat to work on abs and back.

The 45 minutes flew by and I definitely worked up a sweat. And now my arms and thighs are burning. I plan on attending this class regularly!


Have you tried a barre class? If so, what do you think about this kind of workout?


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