Blast from the Past

Yesterday I met my friend Lindsay for drinks and nibbles at an old haunt of mine, the Bottom Line.

I used to frequent this bar, oh, back in 07/08 regularly because I was on a kickball team with several really dear friends of mine (two of whom left me for Nebraska and Hawaii -sigh) and the Bottom Line was our dedicated bar to go to after the kickball game was over to eat and play flip-cup for hours on end.

Once our kickball years were behind my friends and me, we’d occasionally stop by for a late-night drink here on our way home from other locales, but it probably had been a year or two since I had been back. Of course being there last night brought back all kinds of memories which was great!

Back to drinks with Lindsay. We hadn’t seen each other since early December (crazy holiday schedules) so it was awesome to catch up with her for a little over an hour. Not going to lie, one of the main reasons why I suggested we meet here, in addition to their crazy good happy hour drink specials, was because I was DYING for their world-famous tator tots. (At least to me).

Lindsay and I each had a Corona Lite and split an order of tator tots and three tacos. It was everything I hoped and expected it to be. 🙂

Get in my belly!

Get in my belly!

All we needed was to be on a beach with these guys NOT in 30 degree weather!

All we needed was to be on a beach with these guys NOT in 30 degree weather!

We devoured the tacos so fast I couldn’t get in a picture!

For more information on the Bottom Line go here.


Any D.C. bars/locales you get nostalgic about?


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