Fashion Friday: Things I Want Lately

Happy Friday folks!

Here are some things lately that I have been wanting and (honestly) need. 🙂

1) A new gym bag. Since we have moved I have had to adjust my entire schedule to make room for the longer commute. One thing that I have tried to keep the same is my working out in the mornings. I now go to Vida in the morning to workout and then shower and change into my work clothes there, and then head o work. Thus, I now have to bring all the supplies to allow for that – clothes, shoes, makeup, shower products, hair dryer, etc. My current gym bag is way too small to accommodate all of these things. For the time being I am using my Longchamp weekender bag, but since this bag has short handles as opposed to longer handles that would allow me to carry this on my shoulder it’s a bit too inconvenient to lug around and is killing my back.

This bag (or something like it) looks big enough to do the job and easier to carry around.

This bag (or something like it) looks big enough to do the job and easier to carry around.

2) Bic Bands. I have a lot of flyaways and they got all kinds of out of control when I workout. I have tried so many headbands to use when I’m running but they always slip off my head. I’m really hoping these headbands that have come highly recommended do the trick.

3) Another pair of Toms. My old pair have officially bit the dust and have already been tossed out. I wore my grey ones all the time. They were so comfortable, versatile, and so easy to just throw on. I miss those guys…

Come back to me!

Come back to me!

4) New running socks. My friend Christina runs in these socks and loves them.

5) A new pair of nice boots (that I can wear to work). My brown and black are both looking a little drab and overused…any suggestions on boots you all love?


What are you needing/wanting lately?



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