Currently #3

Time for another installment of “Currently”. For previous ones go here and here.

Blessing: My family – immediate and extended.

Outfit: Dark gray shift dress, black tights, and black boots.

Guilty pleasure: Enjoying my new fireplace at home!

Excitement: Seeing most of my in-laws this weekend! Tommy’s parents, his sister Christy and her husband Brian, and his sister other Danielle are headed into town to see our new house and visit with us. Can’t wait.

Favorite show: I am loving watching Full House reruns on Nick at Night.

Indulgence: Spending a lot of money (on house related things, but still…)

Needs: Automatic garage doors (for the house), a fence (for the house), a bench for our bedroom (for the house) – the list is never ending!

Wish list: A DVF wrap dress, this really pretty jewelry storage contraption at Pottery Barn right now…I WANT.

Food: JUST had a chicken fettuccine lean cuisine for lunch.

Drink: Water.

Nail color: Fingernails – nothing, toenails – nothing. I am way overdue though. The same from my last currently.

Music: I love “the fox” song, much to Tommy’s dismay and disgust.

Feel free to play along! Hope you are enjoying your Thursday.



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