Nopa Kitchen + Bar

My good friend Tiffany is in town and Tommy and I were fortunate to be able to have a lovely dinner with Tiffany and her parents last night at a newish restaurant, Nopa Kitchen + Bar in Gallery Place. Not only were we catching up with amazing people, but we had a birthday to celebrate – Tiffany’s!

While I had heard good reviews about Nopa, I wasn’t exactly sure where it was located. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is housed in the same location as an old favorite (but now closed down) restaurant and bar of mine, Zola. Nopa is right next to the Spy Museum.

I really liked the decor and ambiance of the place. It was hard for me to sit in the bar waiting for the others to arrive without reminiscing passed late nights and dinners enjoyed at Zola. In fact Tiffany has visited me a lot in D.C. and I had taken her to Zola before, which she vaguely remembered and asked me about once she arrived. Everyone loved their selections and left very satisfied with their dining experience.

I started off with Nopa’s version of a hot toddy. I could have had three of these. Not only was it delicious, but it helped warm me up.

photo 1

For my appetizer I got the Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Pear and Sesame. It was heavenly. Probably the best brussels sprouts dish I have ordered at a restaurant – which is saying a lot.

photo 2

Followed by the Slow Cooked Salmon, Mushrooms, White Truffle Broth, Pomegranate.

photo 3

Then it was time to celebrate the beautiful birthday girl!

photo 4

We all had so much fun last night. Thanks Smith family for a wonderful meal and time!

Have a great weekend folks!


Are you a fan of brussels sprouts?


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