Tuesday Tidbits – 64

Hello friends! Hope everyone in the South, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast are staying warm. It is so cold outside.

1) Being from the great state of Texas I enjoyed reading this article.

2) I am soooo sore this morning. I went to a Pound Rockout class with a friend last night and then ran 3.2 miles this morning at the gym before heading into work.

3) I am super excited about visiting this gem in Penn Quarter soon.

4) Trip planning is officially underway for the Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon 2014. That’s right, my friend Christina and I are running this race again and are making a trip out of it. We are also enlisting other folks to come on the trip with us. Wahoo!!!

5) Who is excited for the Super Bowl?!

Happy Tuesday. 🙂



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