Date Night: Crooked I Sports Bar

Workout #5 on weekday #5 completed!

I went to a Vinyasa class at Vida Metropole this morning and it felt so good after not being able to attend any yoga class at all for almost 3 weeks (or workout regularly for that matter) because of scheduling conflicts and sudden travel plans. While I am certainly not an uber-experienced “yogi” by any means, I do like to think I tend to have good balance and that I am pretty flexible. Today, my balancing skills were just jacked. I was very wobbly and had to keep putting my foot down to stabilize myself. The perfectionist in me didn’t like that one bit, but I kept reminding myself to breathe and just listen to my body.

After my workout, I got ready for work and popped into Bean and Bite for a latte before making my way into the office.

photo (1)

Much later, in the evening, Tommy and I went on our January date night. It was my turn and I had cooked up a rather nice date night, I thought – I wanted us to try the Westlawn Inn in our neighborhood. The Westlawn Inn is a boutique hotel with a restaurant that describes itself as fine dining with a full service bar. On Friday nights they offer live music – tonight was rythym and blues.  I figured we could grab drinks and dessert at the bar while listening to some live music. I had done my due diligence and scoured the website to know we’d be able to do this. I noted they recommended coming on the early side to get a seat.

I guess they meant EARLY because when we got there it was absolutely packed. All the tables were taken – in fact we couldn’t even get on the waiting list since the hostess had figured everyone would stay to enjoy the music. There wasn’t even room to squeeze into another bar area. So my plans had to change…there is always next month I suppose.

We decided (Tommy’s suggestion) to try a local sports bar, the Crooked I Sports Bar. It was okay. The big highlight being there was a big screen playing the Capitals hockey game. Tommy commented he’d come back again to play pool as there were several pool tables available to play.

photo 3 (2)

I decided “when in Rome” and had our waiter make me a surprise cocktail, which was delicious, and got an order of fried clams. Tommy got his usual pub/sports bar go-to, chicken tenders.

photo 1 (3)

A Malibu Sunrise.

photo 2 (3) Have a wonderful weekend!


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