A “Pig” Brunch

Among the many new restaurants that have popped up along 14th Street NW, is a place called the Pig. 

A dear friend of mine back in town visiting from Hawaii asked if we could do brunch on Saturday and gave me the honor of picking the place. Since I knew we’d be in the company of men (and ladies), including my hubby, I wanted to choose a place that would appeal to them (for Tommy’s sake meaning no small plates as he hates those). I thought a restaurant called the Pig would be a safe choice for my meat-loving better half and his kind. I had also read and hear good reviews of this place so I was looking for an excuse to go there. This visit shouldn’t be confused with my 14th Street Eating Tour, but you better believe I’ll be back again, most likely for the continuation of the tour.

photo 1

To start I needed a latte stat. Our coffeemaker was empty and we didn’t have time to make any before we headed into D.C. so I was unable to get my morning fix until 11:35am or so…

photo 2

The latte was soon followed by a “Poinsettia”, cranberry juice with champagne. YUM!

photo 3

Of course we had to order two servings of the Pig’s Mac ‘N’ Cheese.

photo 4

For my entrée I decided to try the Pulled Pork Benedict.

photo 5

Everything was delicious. I would definitely come back here for brunch, dinner, or even just a drink and some appetizers. The bar was a decent size and I liked the decor and ambiance of the restaurant, very chill and comfortable.

For more information on the Pig, please go here.


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