Tuesday Tidbits – 64

Happy Tuesday!

1) I’m getting into the St. Patty’s Day spirit a little early. A friend and I signed up for the 8k St. Patrick’s Day race in D.C. on March 8. I may have even (finally) buy a green Bic Band to wear for race day…)

2) I made this delicious crock pot concoction on Sunday. I had a bowl for dinner last night and it hit the spot.

3) I think I may have found a local yoga studio to frequent on the weekends and on Fridays when I’m working from home. (I am still keeping my Vida membership for during-the-week-workouts). Tommy and I visited Barefoot Holistic Studio on Saturday afternoon. We loved it! The studio is small, but that’s what makes it so charming. In addition to yoga and barre classes, tai chi is offered, as our facials and massages, and chiropractic services. Amazing! Tommy and I plan to go to a Hot Yoga/Happy Hour class this Friday. Stay tuned for a review!

4) The Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies is this Friday night!!! Woot woot!!

5) Should I go to Annapolis this weekend for lunch or go skiing for the day? Decisions, decisions, decisions. 🙂

Hope you are having a wonderful day!



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