Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge

On Saturday Tommy and I decided to head over to Annapolis for lunch. A co-worker had recommended a few places we should try. We ended up settling on Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge this time around. Turns out, my co-worker didn’t lead us astray – it was quite good!


I decided to order two appetizers for my lunch. I went with the Crab Dip and Golden Brussels (as in sprouts).

photo 1

photo 3

I have to say, Metropolitan’s Brussels sprouts were probably the best sprouts I had ever had. Seriously.No.Joke. They were so yummy. I think it honestly had to do with the adding of raisins and pine nuts. I don’t remember any other Brussels sprout dishes I have eaten including pine nuts. I absolutely love pine nuts so you can imagine how excited I was to see and eat them! The combo of raisins and pine nuts was to die for.

Tommy decided to order the the House-Ground Beef Burger.

photo 2

Lately Tommy has been a huge fan of  grass-fed meat and since all of the beef served at Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge is  Pasture-Raised, Humanely Treated and Grass-Fed (as says the menu) this was perfect for him.

If you are ever in the Annapolis area, go here immediately for a meal!


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