Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope everyone is having/will have a wonderful Valentine’s Day spent with loved ones (whether it is a significant other, gal and guy pals, or family members).

My little family.

My little family.

Tommy and my Valentine’s Day plans got a little rearranged due to the snow storm that hit the area on Wednesday night. Had the snowstorm not hit, Tommy, Violet, my mom, and I would have left for Atlanta on Thursday night around 9pm to spend the long weekend with my brother who lives there. We were planning on driving so we could bring Violet with us to see my brother and play in our big backyard all weekend long.

Sadly our road trip had to be postponed much to all of our disappointments. If we kept to our regularly scheduled ATL trip plan we wouldn’t have rolled into our driveway until early on Friday morning. Thus, Tommy and I decided to forgo making dinner plans on actual Valentine’s Day since we weren’t sure how exhausted we’d be from the drive. Also, we had plans to go out the next night with my brother and mom to a nice dinner to celebrate a big promotion Tommy got at work so we figured that was enough wining and dining.

Le sigh…was not meant to be.

Tommy’s early V-day gift to me was buying some yoga classes for the two of us near our house. My (albeit smaller, but very meaningful) gift to him would have made much more sense had we road-tripped. Tommy always gets the munchies on road trips and because he is really trying to stick to a healthy, low-carb diet I decided to buy a bunch of healthy, delicious snacks at Whole Foods for him to enjoy on the road. On each snack I had attached a piece of paper listing a reason why I loved him. (A little cheesy, but you all know me…) I gave him his present earlier today, which he liked, particularly the notes, but a teeny part of me is still bummed my original plan backfired.

Here are some pics of his present.

First a few solo shots.

photo 3 (2)

photo 5

photo 2 (2)

Of course I had to include a chocolate-something in this snack feast- it is Valentine’s Day after all.

photo 1 (2)

His entire bag of goodies.

photo 2 (1)

Even though we are in town for the holiday, we decided to skip the crowds and stay in tonight and watch the Olympics. We are still planning on going out to dinner this weekend to celebrate Tommy – just without Marshall. I’ll be writing about this later!


Any fun V-day plans?


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