Macaron Monday!

A Happy President’s Day to all of you! For those of you that had the day off, hope you had a relaxing day and for those that didn’t hope you all had a relaxing day at work. 🙂 I was fortunate to have this day off… so my mom and I decided to play around in the kitchen.

We made a batch of French Macarons she had found in her current Martha Stewart magazine. Surprisingly they weren’t that difficult to make – I would just say the prep work takes a bit of time, but once you are piping the pastries onto a cookie sheet and popping them in the oven it takes no time. The end result? Delicious macarons! Once I perfect making this pastry, I plan on making these for hosting gifts, birthday gifts, and just-because gifts. They are elegant and delicious, but so understated as well.

We decided to make raspberry filled macarons as our first go. Here are a couple of pictures of our macaron-making journey.

photo 1

Once we had mixed all of the ingredients together we piped the batter onto two cookie sheets.

Thirteen minutes later ta-da!

Thirteen minutes later ta-da!

For the step-by-step recipe go here.

Hope you have a great rest of the night – off to yoga now!


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