B Too

A new month, a new 14th Street restaurant to go to. 🙂 Last night Tammy, Miki, and I went to B Too, a Belgian restaurant. The chef at B too also cooks at Belga Cafe on Barracks Row.

I liked the decor of the restaurant, particularly the lanterns hanging from the ceiling. We had a 6pm reservation so the restaurant wasn’t crowded at all, which was kind of nice. It set the mood for a nice, leisurely Thursday night meal.

Call it hungry, tired, or being frugal but neither of us decided to order an alcoholic beverage (I ordered an iced tea) or an appetizer. We went straight for the entrees!

Though our waitress did bring us some complimentary bread and olive oil.

photo 1 (1)

I decided to order the garlic mussels which came with frites.

photo 2 (1)

photo 3

Tammy got the hanger steak.

photo 4

While Miki got the quail with mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts.

photo 1 (2)

We did decide to order and split dessert. Since we were at a Belgian restaurant we decided to get a Belgian waffle with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and a berry blend.

Are you there waffle?!

Are you there waffle?!

The waffle was good, but a little on the small side.

We liked B Too just fine, but it is a little too pricey in terms of what you get. Tammy kept saying she would come back here for brunch.

Have a great weekend!


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