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Let it Go

Today’s weather was glorious. High 60s. I’ll take it. And it seems like everyone else did too.

Chesapeake Beach surely was busy today – maybe a preview of what summer will bring. Teens, families, and joggers were out on the boardwalk, grabbing dinner and drinks at one of the many restaurant choices, dogs were running in and out of the water at the beach. Continue reading



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This past weekend mom, Tommy, Violet and I took a long weekend so we could road-trip to Atlanta to see my dad and brother. Continue reading

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Good Thoughts for Ms. V

Tommy and I certainly have had a spontaneously stressful day today.

It started out as any other morning. However,┬áViolet hasn’t been able to keep down any food or water since Monday, but we thought it was just a bug she had that would eventually pass.

After having her throw-up last night (in our bed…) and this morning, in addition to noticing she hasn’t been her normal spry, spirited self we immediately took her to the vet at 7:30am. Continue reading

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9 in NYC

Cheers to a successful work trip to New York City!

A cool picture I snapped after one of my meetings. Continue reading

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Tuesday Tidbits – 72

1) It is snowing. AGAIN. Continue reading

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