Tuesday Tidbits – 69

1) We had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Isbabella on Sunday. Our dear friends Byrd and Patty made their way from Falls Church to  Chesapeake Beach so we could meet the newest member of their family and so they could see our house since they were unable to come to our housewarming party last week.

I think someone is smitten!

I think someone is smitten!

We also had the pleasure of hosting my good friend from high school, Marissa, and her husband on Thursday night. They were both in town (he lives in Cambridge, MA and she in Atlanta for the time being) and wanted to see our house as well so they spent the night on Thursday. Tommy whipped us up a frozen Digiorno pizza and salad for dinner and then we spent the remainder of the night on the couch (with Ms. V of course relishing Marissa and Mike’s attention) watching Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. What a perfect night. 🙂

2) Tommy and I are Dallas bound for Memorial Day weekend. We are heading down south for a wedding but also plan on visiting a lot of folks over the weekend. Let me know if you will be in town!

3) A colleague and I headed up our office’s Oscar pool. I, unfortunately, did not win, but I did sneak in two Best Picture nominees this weekend before the award show – Gravity and Blue Jasmine. I liked both movies, and I thought Cate Blanchett was incredible in Blue Jasmine. Definitely worthy of her Oscar win.

4) I am so over this cold weather – WHERE IS SPRING?? A friend and I are supposed to run the St. Patty’s 8k race this coming Sunday and I really hope we have good running weather…

5) Speaking of running, the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon is quickly approaching! You better believe my friend Christina and I are running this race again! It has turned into a big girls weekend as two other girlfriends are joining Christina and I this year – our friends Tiffany and Allison. Allison will be running the 10k (the half marathon registration had already closed when she made the decision to join us) and Tiffany will be the best cheerleader and spectator ever. So excited!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday. 🙂


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One response to “Tuesday Tidbits – 69

  1. Christina

    Can’t wait for Napa and so excited your coming to Dallas!!

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