Circling back on Fashion Friday

Happy Friday!

I thought I would circle back on a post I wrote earlier this year on a Friday – Fashion Friday – Things I Want Lately.

I must say I have made serious headway on the shopping front…

1) A new gym bag – done and done. I bought one in January when I was in Palm Springs. I LOVE it! While it is on the bigger side, it does the job and fits everything I need to stuff in there to get me through my workouts in the morning and off to the office looking presentable. Note: I didn’t buy the one in the original post. I liked it, but felt that I needed a slightly bigger one, so I got a purple duffel-like bag from Lululemon.

2)Bic Bands – these are AWESOME! Seriously I plan on buying more of these. They stay on my head when I run and go to yoga and barre, and the designs are so cute. I highly, highly, highly recommend them.

3) Another pair of Toms – I thought I had this checked off the list, but the pair I ordered (the ones in the picture) were a little too big so I had to return them. Note: Toms online doesn’t do direct exchanges because (as they claim) their inventory is constantly changing. If you do want to exchange something first you have to return the item you don’t want, then they will send you a gift card for the amount, and then you can see if your preference is still available. I still haven’t received this said gift card yet…let’s add contacting Toms to the to-do list today. 🙂

4) New running socks – these are great. I can definitely see why my friend Christina likes running in them. They are super comfortable. I will most likely be buying another pair or two.

5) New boots – the ONE thing I haven’t gotten off this list. Hopefully I can find a pair I like that will be on super sale since the seasons are changing soon (come on Spring!!!)

Have a great weekend!


Any store suggestions on where to find a nice pair of boots?


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