Tuesday Tidbits – 70

1) Tommy and I tried a low-key Italian restaurant near our hood on Friday night after yoga, Mamma Lucia. We were pretty pleased with our orders!

2) Ms. V had a play date on Saturday!

photo 1

3) I got a facial at the Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa (less than 5 minutes driving from my house) on Saturday as well, which I really needed! I would definitely recommend the spa -it was clean and elegant and the service was excellent. Just FYI, I decided on the Aromatherapy Facial for $90.

4) Tommy and I had a FABULOUS dinner at Ambar on Sunday night with a group of friends. We both (along with three other folks) decided to do the unlimited alcoholic drinks and small plates option for $50. The best decision we could have made – we were able to sample as many delicious cocktails as we wanted to and ordered as many items off the menu we felt like. I think this was the first time ever that Tommy left stuffed from eating at a tapas restaurant. Our waitress Amelia told me they do the same menu for Saturday and Sunday brunch (drinks and food) for $35! The only catch is everyone in your party has to choose this option.

5) Someone in our family loved the beautiful weather we had on Saturday (low-60s), in addition to her friend that visited.

photo 2


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