Good Thoughts for Ms. V

Tommy and I certainly have had a spontaneously stressful day today.

It started out as any other morning. However, Violet hasn’t been able to keep down any food or water since Monday, but we thought it was just a bug she had that would eventually pass.

After having her throw-up last night (in our bed…) and this morning, in addition to noticing she hasn’t been her normal spry, spirited self we immediately took her to the vet at 7:30am.

After a first round of X-rays and a procedure that allowed the vet to see the inside of her stomach more clearly using the chemical Barium it was clear that something was inside her stomach, no one was sure what it was though. We suspect it may be a piece of Styrofoam she ate in Atlanta when she decided to go investigate a Styrofoam container my brother had left on the coffee table when we were out and she was alone in the house.

We were told we had to options: try to get this object out by an endoscopy or surgery. Performing an endoscopy has about a 50% success rate vs. a 100% surgery rate, but we decided to try this first since it’s less invasive.

So as I type Ms. V is getting an endoscopy. Hopefully this will make things all better and she can come home later tonight!


Miss Mess.

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