Tuesday Tidbits – 74

Happy rainy Tuesday friends!

1) I am a little concerned that my flowers haven’t started growing yet or even showing signs of growth…I really hope our brutal, bipolar winter and spring (it may snow tonight, after 80 degree weather this past weekend!) didn’t destroy my beauties…we shall see.

2) I have a new shopping pet-peeve. Stores that charge for shipping. Seriously? In this day in age of all-the-rage-online-shopping certain stores just can’t forgo one expense? It’s enough to make this (sometimes) online shopper not buy online from these particular stores.

3) I am taking a working out break this week before I start training for the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon. What does this mean exactly? No running, maybe a barre class tomorrow, and maybe a yoga class on Friday. It’s actually been a nice little break, having more time to do other things, and letting my sore muscles heal a little.

4) Still a wee bit sad that the Washington Capitals didn’t make it to the playoffs this year…but the Washington Wizards did. 🙂

5) Because you know…:-)



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