Early Morning Vet Appointment

This Good Friday started off with an annual checkup visit to the vet for Ms. V. As you may remember, Violet certainly has had her fill of vet visits the last month or so, (here and here).

Violet says "not again mom"!

Violet says “not again mom”!

Luckily everything checked out perfectly for Violet. She just needed to get her yearly shots and medications refilled. The vet did think she was starting to see some buildup around her teeth and gums, but thought Greenies and us brushing her teeth every night (ahem Tommy – we need to work on the “every night” part!) would be fine for the time being. We were out of the vet’s in under 30 minutes – score!

We came home right after so Violet could curl up on the couch and rest after her adventure and so that I could get some work done (I am working from home today).

Once the work day wraps up Tommy and I are hitting a yoga class at Barefoot and then heading to Lowes to pick up some home improvement items. Hot Friday night! 😉

Hope you have a great weekend!



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