Tuesday Tidbits Easter Edition – 75

I hope everyone (who celebrates it) had a wonderful Easter Weekend! I certainly did – the entire weekend was just great. You already know what our plans were on Friday and you’ll see what we did on Saturday tomorrow. (Sorry things are a bit backward!)

On Sunday, while Tommy helped a couple of our friends move, mom and I were making things happen in the kitchen! Easter dinner was set for 4:00pm and we had tons of things to make. In addition to Tommy, mom and myself, we had two friends and their dog joining us for the holiday meal.

1) In between my various cooking jobs mom gave me, I dyed a few eggs to add to the super cute Easter centerpiece mom had bought me a few weeks ago.

photo 1

2) On Saturday night I whipped up my contribution for Easter dinner, Creamy Macaroni Salad. It came out quite good, if I do say so myself. Shoutout to my co-worker, Sarah, who gave me the recipe!

photo 2

3) In addition to the macaroni salad, we had ham, homemade crab cakes (all mom), a cucumber and cherry tomato salad, a delicious corn and zuchini salad medley, and a yummy lemon tart for dessert. Needless to say we have TONS of leftovers!

4) Since the weather was gorgeous outside, we enjoyed Easter dinner on our deck.

5) Violet had a complete ball playing with her friend Haku. They took turns getting Easter nibbles from people, running around our yard, and playing with each other. As soon as our guests left Violet settled into her bed in front of the fire, while Tommy and I watched the Washington Wizards (basketball) win their first Playoff game against the Chicago Bulls.

A wonderful Easter indeed!


What did you do for Easter?



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