Waterfront Dining

Our Saturday started off early. Tommy, a couple of friends of ours, and I were at our condo at 7:00am to finish painting our condo. (We are renting it – renter moves in May 9th! – and have been in the process of getting it “move-in ready” for said renter).

At about 2pm we were done the paint job, except for some minor painting touch-ups we plan to do next week. We also have a couple of other little fixings around the condo to complete, a final clean by our maid in two weeks, and a final sweep through and walk through.

As part of our thank-you to our friends that helped us paint every single step of the way (3 separate times in total), Tommy and I wanted to treat them to a nice dinner in Annapolis. (Tommy’s friend wanted to head out there anyway to run some errands, and me always-the-planner, suggested grabbing dinner after he was done running errands as I had several restaurants names that have been recommended to me overtime).

We all agreed to the plan so we headed back to our respective homes to get cleaned up and walk our respective dogs and found ourselves in Annapolis several hours later in the early evening hours.

photo 1

We decided to try Carrol’s Creek Cafe. A co-worker had highly recommended it for the food and view as it is located on the waterfront in Eastport. We were fortunate enough to get a table right by the water, thus we had a stunning view. The weather was beautiful on Saturday, sunny and low 70s, so people were out in full-force, drinking, eating & boating out in their khaki shorts and boat shoes (the gents) and stripes, maxi dresses, and wedges (the ladies). It was awesome.

Even more awesome was the food we had at Carrol’s – my co-worker wasn’t kidding. The portions were generous and the quality of the food was excellent. As Tommy put it, when you see that a restaurant’s complimentary bread basket is delicious and has an assortment to choose from you know you’re at a good place.

photo 2

For our appetizer we tried the baked brie with strawberries and various other berries with crostinis. Unbelievable. Our friends had never had brie before and loved this dish.

photo 3

For my main course I ordered the Sauteed Jumbo Shrimp with  with pancetta, onions, garlic and sweet peppers over penne pasta with a white wine cream sauce and finished with a touch of black pepper. It.was.to.die.for. I still have dreams about the white cream sauce….

photo 4

Tommy ordered the crab cakes. They were huge!

photo 5

Our friends decided to order the Grilled Filet Mignon and the Bouillabaisse. (Not pictured).

A delightful evening all around! After dinner we all headed home. Tommy and I stopped at the grocery store on the way to pick up some ingredients for Easter dinner the next day.

For more information on Carrol’s Creek Cafe, go here.



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