Audio Book Fan?

Happy Thursday!

Hope everyone’s day is going well. It’s almost Friday!

Moving out of the city has certainly given me more time in the car, as I drive to and from D.C. for work. Always one to make the most of my time I found ways to utilize my time spent in the car – catching up on the phone with friends and family, day dreaming, thinking about things, listening to music on satellite radio….and most recently listening to an audio book.

This month for book club we are reading The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. by Adelle Waldman.

Even though I absolutely love reading books, that is the one thing right now I don’t have any time for. I can barely manage to read my monthly and weekly magazines and Washington Post regularly. (Currently I have last weekend’s Post on my coffee table barely unread and two piles of magazines to comb through). Thus, I thought I’d try “reading” this month’s book in the car.


photo (1)


I actually finished reading = listening to this book on this morning’s drive-in. My thoughts?

It was okay. I will most likely keep listening to books on my drives (I already know what the next audio book I will get from the library is) but I absolutely prefer reading an actual book. It took me a LONG time to accept that reading some books on my iPAD might be more conducive to certain situations (traveling), but my preferred method of reading anything will always be a hard copy. I think it’s because I’m such a visual person. I kept noticing that at certain times during my drives my mind would wonder for 2 seconds and then I’d have to rewind the book to actually pay attention to what the narrator was saying. Or at other times I’d have to rewind the book again to fully understand and picture in my mind what the narrator was saying.

Hopefully with time this will get better!


Are you a fan of audio books?


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