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Dallas Wedding Weekend – Monday


Man, for those of you in the DMV area – can we talk about all of this rain we are getting? For someone who does NOT like rain, it is annoying me a little…

I came across this article about a local Falls Church boy breaking and setting the world record for a half marathon – CRAZY.

Later tonight, Tommy, Violet and I are heading up to Maine for Tommy’s dad’s memorial service. I will try to post something tomorrow, but no promises. Not sure what the day will bring.


Back to this past Monday – Memorial Day. I want to give my own thanks and appreciation for all the men and women in the armed services who fight and sacrifice for my and others freedoms. I have several family members currently or previously in the military (including Tommy) so we both admire and respect these individuals and their families. Continue reading


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Dallas Wedding Weekend – Sunday

Hello! Hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday.


So as I mentioned yesterday, yours truly slept in until about 7:45am while Tommy ran the Katy Trail with our friend Christina. I would have loved to join, but I was just so tired – I think it was a mix of the work week ending, my getting up early to run on Saturday, and just everything else that has been going on. This includes having a great night on Saturday with some of my most favorite people. 🙂 Continue reading

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Dallas Wedding Weekend – Saturday

Happy Tuesday. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I thought I’d throw you all for a loop and do a “non – Tuesday Tidbits” post just to keep you on your toes. Oh all right, as soon as I had typed up this post I realized that it was —Tuesday. Alas, a result of a great long weekend. 🙂


Tommy and I had a wonderful little weekend away for the holiday weekend. Continue reading


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Lupo Verde

Happy Friday folks!

I hope everyone has a good Memorial Day weekend planned. Tommy and I will be heading to Dallas for the weekend. Just need to get this work thing out of the way today. 🙂


The 14th Street eating tour continues! Continue reading


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Scouting it Out!

Today was definitely a smoked salmon bagel day. 🙂 Work has been busy and a little stressful and Tommy and I ran a nice little 3 mile run this morning. Continue reading

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