Tuesday Tidbits – 78

1) I had book club on Saturday. The book we had to read was the Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the book, I was a huge fan of our incredible hostess for the month – she cooked so many yummy and beautiful munchies for us! One of the many things that graced our taste buds below.

HOMEMADE biscuits and Pimento cheese spread!

HOMEMADE biscuits and Pimento cheese spread!

2) Tommy and I went to Dairy Freeze in our hood for dessert on Friday night. In addition to ice cream, milkshakes and sundaes, they also have a dining menu that includes burgers, hot dogs, fries and fried pickles! You know how much I love fried pickles as exhibited here, here, and here. YUMMY. I have a feeling this will become a favorite summertime spot for us!

3) I went to a Zumba class my office offers every other Monday at 5:30pm in our office. The last time I had participated in an office-run fitness class was way back then. And the last time I had been in any Zumba class was in last September. For someone that really enjoys Zumba I’m not really sure why my Zumba-taking classes are so spread out. Anyway I loved last night’s class. I still have several songs in my head this morning 🙂

4) Tickets to Prague have been booked for Thanksgiving. Wahoo!

5) It’s do or die for Washington Wizards fans tonight…



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