Washington Pubbin’ It

It’s a good thing I ran this morning (specifically doing a 35 minute tempo run per my half-marathon training plan). Why you ask – because I had a big food binge yesterday.

I was doing okay until after work. Two colleagues and I had planned on going to Post Pub for a belated birthday celebration. (One of the two colleagues and I were unable to go the other colleague’s birthday happy hour a few weeks ago – remember the rain? – so we wanted to take her out to make up for it).

We ordered a round of beers.

photo 1

And then yours truly, as is typical, suggested getting some munchies to compliment our beers, Blue Moons. We settled on the buffalo chicken dip with chips. This was delicious and hit the spot. We actually got the last order of the night, which we were all so glad for.

photo 2 (1)

Since dip and chips weren’t enough, we then decided to order buffalo chicken wings and fries – which we devoured.

Not the best night for healthy-eating, but we all had fun. 🙂 To help balance the scales I ate a couple grilled brussels sprouts Tommy made later that night…

It was my first time going to Post Pub. I liked it. It is definitely a dive bar, but sometimes that’s all you need. It’s also conveniently across the street from my office so you can’t go wrong there!

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