Celebrating 31

Here are some photos of Tommy’s birthday weekend.

Even though his birthday was on Sunday, Tommy decided he wanted to do most of the celebrating on Saturday (which ended up working out so well later on as the weekend progressed).

Tommy wanted to have a low-key BBQ at our house with a few close friends.

photo 1 (2)

Prepping the grill for the BBQ!

Tommy's Cookies 'N' Cream birthday cake.

Tommy’s Cookies ‘N’ Cream birthday cake.

Ms. V getting some guest lovin' on the deck!

Ms. V getting some guest lovin’ on the deck!

After the BBQ was over Tommy put one of his birthday presents to good use for a couple of hours, while yours truly napped. (His friend Chris gave him a brand spankin’ new fishing pole!)

Sadly Tommy and Chris didn’t catch any fish, but they had fun so everything worked out. 🙂  A nearby beach was having its annual “Beach Blast-Off” complete with food, music, and fireworks at night so we (Tommy, Chris, his wife, his wife’s niece, and I) decided to go see these fireworks aka “Tommy’s Birthday Fireworks”.

I will say for a local beach their fireworks show was pretty incredible. It was 20 minutes long and featured some pretty spiffy displays.

photo 1 (3)

After the fireworks were over we decided to head to Dairy Freeze for some dessert!

On Sunday (Tommy’s actual birthday) he and Chris spent most of the day in Annapolis looking at kayaks. While Tommy didn’t find one to bring home with him, he did find one he wanted to order online and promptly did so the next day.

Later on that evening we got news that his dad wasn’t doing so well. So to honor and celebrate his dad, Tommy did the one thing he knew his dad wished he could be doing – fish. He, Violet and I headed to the beach so Tommy could fish, reflecting and remembering what an awesome dad he had.

photo 4 (1)

photo 3 (2)


Here’s to year 31 Tommy – make it count. XOXOXO


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