Scouting it Out!

Today was definitely a smoked salmon bagel day. 🙂 Work has been busy and a little stressful and Tommy and I ran a nice little 3 mile run this morning.

photo 2 (3)

Yesterday after work my friend Julie and I were on a mission: checkout Zentan’s (part of the Donovan Hotel) rooftop bar. Why? For a possible locale for my upcoming birthday happy hour. Major fail. Since it was POURING after work the roof was closed, as in locked, so we couldn’t even catch a glimpse of the space. 😦

We couldn’t even stay for a drink in the actual bar since a private party had to relocate from the rooftop there. So we walked a couple more blocks (in the pouring rain and flooding streets) to Drafting Table on 14th Street. I really liked Drafting Table, but I’m not sure it is where I would have said happy hour. As Julie put it “it’s not a MAYA place”.

I ordered a delicious Moscow Mule here.

photo 1 (4)


Exactly what is a “Maya” place you’d suggest? Well for this particular happy hour I just want a cool, fun place that people can come to after work for a drink or two and not pay an absurd amount of money. (Read: a happy hour menu is a must). It doesn’t have to be trendy either. It would be cool to do it somewhere I haven’t been and in a cool venue (i.e. rooftop). I’d also like it to be within walking distance of my office. I want there to be space for people to move around (so not a tiny bar), but I don’t want it too empty. I don’t think I’m being to picky…

Since I wasn’t sold on Drafting Table, I decided to bend my preference of “going somewhere I haven’t been” by checking out the Tortilla Coast in Logan Circle to see if that might be more in line of what I envisioned. While I had some very delicious chicken street tacos and Julie had a good glass of Sangria, it wasn’t the place. It was a little TOO big and a little too empty, and too bright. As Julie put it ” no one is going to get tipsy here since lights are everywhere”. Such a crack-up.

So the search continues!


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