Dallas Wedding Weekend – Sunday

Hello! Hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday.


So as I mentioned yesterday, yours truly slept in until about 7:45am while Tommy ran the Katy Trail with our friend Christina. I would have loved to join, but I was just so tired – I think it was a mix of the work week ending, my getting up early to run on Saturday, and just everything else that has been going on. This includes having a great night on Saturday with some of my most favorite people. 🙂

Up first on our Sunday agenda was brunch in a new part of town that has completely changed since I lived there, Bishop Arts. My intel (read: friends that still live in Dallas) say this area is on the up and up, and plenty of cute restaurants, bars, boutiques, and coffee shops have sprung up here. While we originally had plans to eat at Oddfellows, it turned out they couldn’t accommodate our large group (9+ 2 kids ) so Elaine was super quick on her feet and suggested we go to Bolsa. It ended up being the best decision.

photo 4 (1)

My friend Lauren’s adorable little boys.

photo 5 (2)

Tommy getting some baby time in.

We were seated at a long, spacious table on the patio. The weather continued being wonderful from Saturday (partly sunny and a bit cool – rain was on the way) and with there being plenty of fans and doors open, the patio wasn’t stifling at all – but airy and pleasant.

Tommy and I both decided to try Teresa’s Chilaquiles. A couple of mimosas may have been thrown in the mix as well.

Red potaotes, queso fresco & pico de gallo.

Red potaotes, queso fresco & pico de gallo.

We all had a nice, leisurely brunch catching up and eating yummy food.

After brunch a few of us departed ways, while a group of us went to Christina’s apartment to meet her dog Lil Bit we had heard so much about!

Next to Violet, she is the cutest and sweeties little pittie ever. 🙂  (That’s right, Christina also rescued a pit bull a few months ago!)

Someone at home would be mighty jealous right now...

Someone at home would be mighty jealous right now…

After about an hour or so of playing with the little cutie, this group parted ways too. Tommy was heading back to Elaine and Ian’s to take a nap before the wedding, Shelley was going home, Christina was staying put to study for one of her certifications, and Katie and I were headed to the mall to walk around and chat before my (first ever) Dry Bar appointment!

Elaine met up with us soon after at the mall too. Before I knew it, I was scooting over to Dry Bar for my appointment leaving Katie and Elaine to peruse the racks at Anthropologie.

For those of you that don’t know what Dry Bar is, it is simply a blow dry bar. No cuts or color, just blowouts for fancy occasions, for work commitments, or just days when you want to feel a little fancy. Free drinks (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) are complimentary, movies are played, and you have the option of adding on “the floater” to a type of blowout you choose (there are several different kinds to choose from).  A floater is a 10-minute head massage in addition to getting your hair shampooed and conditioned. I, of course, decided to add this service on for $10 more dollars.

I loved my experience at Dry Bar. My only regret is I felt like I couldn’t completely relax as I was being primped and primed because I kept watching the clock since I didn’t have all that much time to drive back to Elaine’s house with her, change into my wedding clothes, and then hop in our rental car with Tommy to head to the church.

Luckily everything worked out! I, also, LOVED my hair. I decided to do the “Straight Up” signature blowout (straight with a little bit of body). When I go next time, I may try a different kind of blowout.

Wedding pics:

photo 3 (2)

photo 2 (2)


Congratulations to my friend Katy and her new husband Chris. We are so happy for you!  Katy, you were absolutely stunning.

Katy and Chris got married at the Methodist church on our university’s campus (not to be confused with Perkins Chapel – the university’s church) and then had their reception at the Warwick Melrose Hotel. It was gorgeous.

photo 1 (4)

photo 2 (3)


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