Tuesday Tidbits – 79

Happy Tuesday!

1) If you ever find yourself in Gray, Maine (a little outside of Portland) and you want a delicious, moderately-priced meal, go to Jess ‘n Nic’s Pizzeria & Pub. Oh, and ask for my niece, Faith, to be your waitress – she is awesome! I ordered their chicken and broccoli fettuccine alfredo and oh my goodness. I think they give the OG (Olive Garden) a run for its money in the Alfredo department. 🙂

2) On Sunday Tommy, Violet and I spent the morning in Cape Elizabeth where we walked and ran with Violet as we watched the waves crashing from the beach and saw a beautiful lighthouse (more on this tomorrow). Before heading back to Portland we stopped at Kettle Cove Creamery and Cafe for some blueberry smoothies and a lobster role for me to take on the plane back to D.C.!

photo 2

3). Just because.

photo 1

Can you see a Violet?

4) Please send thoughts and prayers to my dad who is (still) in Nigeria and my mom who is in Pakistan for a big conference she is leading. She’ll be back in D.C. on Sunday.

5) I’ll be back on the road again. After my work’s annual D.C. dinner tonight I am heading back up to New York City to attend a conference, the Personal Democracy Forum. Can’t wait to hear all the amazing panelists and catch up with some friends!

Hope you have a wonderful day!



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