Cape Elizabeth

It’s hump day! I don’t know about you, but to me this week has flown by. I’m working from home this morning and then will be on a train heading up to New York City later this afternoon.


As mentioned yesterday, Tommy, Violet, and I spent a couple of hours in and around Cape Elizabeth. Cape Elizabeth marks the entrance to Casco Bay and extends 12 miles into open ocean lined up shores and beaches. For more information go here.

Our destination of choice in Cape Elizabeth was Fort Williams Park. We took in the beautiful scenery, took advantage of the wide open (green) space by running to and fro with Violet, and then drove around the park’s vicinity to look at the beautiful homes and quaint restaurants and shops in the area. I told Tommy that Cape Elizabeth reminded me of Cape Cod and the Hamptons rolled into one. I wished we could have stayed longer at the park to take in some history, but we had an energetic dog to look after!

Here are some photos:

The Portland Headlight in Fort Williams Park.

The Portland Headlight in Fort Williams Park. This was the nation’s first commissioned lighthouse.

Family selfie!

Family selfie!

The beautiful coastline.

The beautiful coastline.

My two loves!

My two loves!

I would absolutely come back to Cape Elizabeth to go hiking or have a picnic. There is a race that takes place here that I would be interested in running, the Beach to Beacon 10k. It is a 6.2 mile run that starts at Crescent Beach and ends at the Portland Head Light in Fort Williams Park.

Hope you have a great day!


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